For the enjoyment and safety of all at our retail location, we expect the following rules to be followed:

  • Foul or Abusive Language - Gamer’s Lair is a family friendly environment, foul and abusive language will not be tolerated. If you refuse to comply with this rule after being warned you will be forced to leave.
  • Bullying - Hazing, discrimination, derogatory comments/actions are not permitted in any form
  • Theft – Theft of any kind is not tolerated. Any theft will result in an immediate ban from the store and a report with law enforcement
  • Improper Attire – Wearing obscene, demeaning or overly revealing attire is not allowed. If you wearing anything we believe is inappropriate you will be asked to leave
  • Poor Personal Hygiene – If you have not taken a shower or washed your clothes to the point where your odor is an issue for others, you will be politely asked to leave and correct the issue.
  • No Drugs or Alcohol – At any time or in any capacity on store premises, including the general area outside the store.
  • No Weapons – You may not possess a dangerous weapon of any kind on store property, including the general area outside the store.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at anytime without compensation or prizing and may at our sole discretion prohibit you from returning if you violate our Code of Conduct.