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When Attacking
When this Digimon attacks a player, delete 1 of your opponent's Digimon with 4000 DP or less.
Rarity: Rare
Number: EX1-008
Level: 5
Colors: Red
Rarity: 7
Digivolve 1 Level: 4
Digivolve 1 Color: Red
Digivolve 1 Cost: 3
Digivolve 2 Level: 4
Digivolve 2 Color: Black
Digivolve 2 Cost: 3
Digimon Form: Ultimate
Digimon Attribute: Vaccine
Digimon Type: Cyborg
Inherited Effect: [Your Turn] While this Digimon has [Machine] or [Dragonkin] in its traits, it gains [Piercing]. (When this Digimon attacks and deletes an opponent's Digimon and survives the battle, it performs any security checks it normally would.)
Origin: Classic Collection